Sunday, March 6, 2011

A Strong Right Hand To Command The Keyboard

To play by ear with authority you need a strong right hand.

“Strong” in a way that is not only proficient, but wise." 


We're “Right” Most of The Time  

There’s a science here somewhere, but my opinion is that most people are right handed, right legged and pegged generally right-minded. 

Learn Chords On Your Dominant Hand

Your dominant hand is easier to train and learns to play chords as a reflex.  I suggest you learn chords on your strong-suit hand; that's where you're going to find the most long-term comfort. 
There are positives of being either handed.  Music is written for  "righties" but "lefties" are often ambidextrous and can boost their playing with superlative bass-hand skills. 

Giving You The Down Low

Play a basic octave span (or single note in the bass) and work on your right hand exclusively in the beginning.  Don’t try to learn all the chords at one time.  Just concentrate on the chords of the song you are playing.

Then play more songs that use those same chords and really drive those movements and positions into the indelible part of your memory.


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