Friday, March 4, 2011

The Master Speaks

I am the master.  You may be a master too. 

Whatever you already know is your plateau.  It may reach to the heavens in knowledge and dimension but your plateau is just one of many.  There are mesas and mountains of brilliant musical minds.  Every musician has one, high or low in proportion to their passion.

I've got different experiences than you.  My plateau is from a different vantage than you perceive.  I like my music and you like yours.  You can probably play rings around me, you see.  But can you jam . . . and if not, “Why?”

You haven’t learned to command the instrument.  

Command is a state of ease in playing the 24 basic major and minor chords and their inversions.  That’s a specific goal that can be reached quickly if you put your mind to it.  Learn those chords and you get it.  That’s the fast track and it’s a fact.

All you beginners, same thing.


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